Alice Nine in Malaysia ★ Supernova Symphonia (Saga focus)


  1. This post is just for my own, as my blog name, reminiscence, my own reminiscence. Therefore, this is NOT a live report, as we speak, ok?
  2. Since this is not a live report, I have no obligations to write fairly. p/s: I'm a SAGA fan, so I am more focused on him (he is my priority yo LOL).
  3. All pictures on live are not taken from me since I enjoyed the live 100%, credit will be given to the photographers. I only took some photos prior live (I'm just lazy, admit it)
  4. I may have shortage of memory, if there are mistakes on this post, do mention it in the comment.
  5. If you bored, you just skip till the section you want to read, I split it, no worries. This gonna be a LONGWINDED post. Brace yourself, Sun Yon!


Hello, everyone! Or anyone viewing my blog right now, it's been awhile since I update this superduper inactive blog. But today I'm updating it! Means something happened, a mega GREAT one of course! What was it? It is...


It's such a mega issue to me as I am a Jrock fan since I was in high school, prior I stepped into Kpop world. 29th June 2014 was their first time in Malaysia! You can see how no idea they was in their interview prior coming to Malaysia LOL. 

Nevertheless, I am still very excited for them to being here! I waited them for like 8 years (since Fantasy), and this year is their 10th Anniversary, such a great year! I was thinking that if they (and the GazettE) are not coming to Malaysia, I will fly to Japan to see their live! 
FYI, other VisualKei rock bands I liked so much was either disbanded or one of the members passed away (RIP)
So yeah! Once in a lifetime, I am gonna go to this live! Even though I am having a major duper exam 3 days later, so major that I can't graduate my Advanced Diploma if I fail it LOL.

The point where I purchasing the VIP ticket was such a rush, I recalled I was so busy rushing from KL to Penang and Penang to KL. Ahhh... But it is worth it. But that time it worries me as I was buying the ticket so last minute and there is still VIP tickets available. Jeez. Maybe its buka puasa time and many people having exams, or just all Kpop fans -.-

And then I joined this ALICE NINE MALAYSIA FANS in Facebook *claps*
Honestly, I was kinda happy, as since young nobody include my best best friends share the same interest with me in Jrock, why?! Visual rock songs are so damn awesome man!

29th June 2014 (before live)

To cut things short, we (Msia Number Sixes) were discussing things in Facebook. We plan on doing 2 banners! I reached the venue, Mega Star Arena, prior 8 hours to help out for drawing the cloth banner. The live starts at 8pm, btw. It was funny when around 8-9am, I received notifications from those on the scene! 2 guys, Wisely and Ron arrived at 7.30am, walao eh... I jumped and thought I was late, LOL! I arrive the venue around 11am.

At there, I meet new friends and share those Jrock knowledges and funny facts with them, it was like first time in my life somebody truly agrees and understand what it feels like to be a fan of Jrock! But my life is not that sad LOL. I still have other stuff to share too HAHA.

Surprisingly, there was another monochrome banner from other fans! They can't manage to enter our FB group but still make their own banner! Efforts! YEAH, NUMBER SIXes! Here are the pictures of us with the banners, work in progress!
credits: Poh Wah
credits: Poh Wah
There was a moment when a freelance cameraman/videographer from Japan came early to the venue to film and interview us about Alice Nine, his name is Yosuke Kamiyama, and I added him in Facebook, just for fun, LMAO. Btw he is such a nice guy! Since he is a Japanese, Selene helped him and us for translation in interviews!
He kept on said he is shy when I selfie with him wwww
Back to the scene, there was a moment when we all are sooooooo sweet, warm and kind in front of the camera Kamiyama-san was holding, and suddenly, the organiser's staff stick this thing on the wall behind us:
Credits: Wisely Low
That moment we all was like: 

And I was like: 
Yeah, in front of the camera, we all looked like angry bulls who stepped on shits -.- we even requested Kamiyama-san to stop filming and cut it LOL, we such naive, he won't cut it right? *pointing fingers*

It was such a complications in emotions during that time, nani kore?! We just take leftovers from Singapore, are PSC looking down on Malaysian fans? Without the ring how we gonna have fun in 開戦前夜? Without Saga's designer shirt how I show Saga how much I support him? Darn! Luckily there are left galaxy light sticks and towels for SEVEN, else I just use twirl the towel I bring from LostWorld of Tambun *facepalm*.

Well, at least I came early have a super great benefit!
I was able to look at Alice Nine members for the first time up close! How? Well, it is when Nao, Tora, Saga and Hiroto came to the venue early for testing and rehearse the songs for live.

It happened when Michelle and I was on the way lining up to purchase the merchandise, we saw a black tinted vehicle drove by, well, only artists sit those type of MPV, and I noticed there are people with those familiar hairstyles in it, so we just give up the queue and quickly walk towards the MPV.

However, Jrock fans are always so shy and obedient, we stand more than 3 metres away the van waiting LOL, imagine if there were Kpop fans around, the vehicle will be squashed by fans (true story). We expect they will walk down towards the first door after the staff finished taking stuffs up the lorry, but instead, the vehicle reversed!!! OMFG, they are going through the second door, which where I am standing beside on. That time I almost fainted with shortage of oxygen due to screaming towards Nao, Tora, Hiroto and OF COURSE my bias SAGA! You can witness with my video below LOL.

I was so so so so thrilled and happy when I saw Nao's boots step out from the MPV, it was like, at last for the first time! I see you in real life, ALICE NINE! I would not forget Tora's smile when waving to us! And the cameraman was so troll LOL.
When SAGA stepped out, I can't control myself, I screamed so loudly, like a zero IQ baka HAHA. First time in 8 years, OMG!! My top bassist in the list, one who can play bass so perfectly and elegantly, sings well and great in songwritting too. Multi talent genius! Saga was so perfect in terms of looks, his skin was fairer and smoother than me, jealous! LOL. Same as Hiroto, they both are cool, but yet the feeling of close contact at the first time was.. ARGH! Indescribable! 

We manage to finished the cloth banner with cooperation and commitment from all hot blooded Number Sixes, sponsor for sharpies and banners. I had my quick dinner at nearby KFC with others, in case I faint inside the venue then VIP tickets will be such a waste!

During live

The door opened around 7.45pm, but the live started punctually at 8pm, as expected, Japanese artists won't delay.

After entering the venue, I searched for Saga's amp, which is on the left side of the stage, between Tora and Shou. I RUNNNNNNN towards the direction LOL. I was standing first row directly in front of Saga's amp, where he will stand at during most of the time in live. In short, I will be in his sight 90 degrees straight throughout these 2 hours LOLOLOL. *greedy mode* Initially I promised Michelle we will be standing between Shou and Saga, but the view here... PRICELESS. So Michelle stand in front of Shou (centre), as she prefer a better view of whole stage.

Here is the set list for the live, most media in Malaysia reported wrong set list, I don't know what they are doing. This set list is obtained from our fanclub admin Poh Wah:

Prelude -resolution-

MC time~
華 (Hana)

MC time~
shooting star

MC time~
ブループラネット (Blue Planet)
閃光 (Senkou)
開戦前夜 (Kaisen zenya)

the beautiful name

I will blog based on the set list yo!

We only waited for 15 minutes, the live started at 8pm sharp. The song Prelude -resolution- started with all members except Shou walked towards the stage. They all start playing the instrumental song. OMG the atmosphere was so high! I was screaming like hell: SAGA-san!!!!! He was soooo sexy, yes sexy, I never called a guy sexy, but he is! He is wearing a black suit with white shirt inside, black leather pants and his blue contacts, enjoy so much when he played his bass, perfection! 

*(throughout the live I keep on looking on Saga and his expression. I was trying to eye contact with him LOL, I succeeded in the end, and many times! Stay tuned...)

As for Tora, he caught my attention when he played his guitar so emotional-enjoyable-fullofexpression facing a big fan on his right side, the way Tora did was like shooting a PV! Undeniable kakkoii ne! Not the mention Nao with his awesome drum skill! Never fails! Hiroto! He was so warm and hyped up! Kept on releasing electric currents to fans, of course on his side. LOL. Honestly Hiroto was too far away! ARGH! So much for a Saga bias LOL.

As we screamed, Shou appeared! He then started singing SHINING! Hyped up the whole arena!! Shou was so attention taking! I like his voice so much, subarashii! His look was too 艳丽!Can't helped but keep on looking at him more!

My first Japanese live has started! They were far more good looking and charismatic in real life compared to A9 channel and PV!

Alice Nine kept on showered us with their smile and eye contacts, I really cannot forget Tora and Shou's wide smile! They seems so happy! As for Saga, he did smile too but more on smirk? He keep on teasing us with his eyes and smile! From other reports, it was told that Saga smiled more in Malaysia, maybe he was happy when he saw our banner wrote "SAGA, LICK YOUR BASS!!!"? Yes, Malaysians are weirdos, we do write that in our banner. But we didn't throw bra up stage yo! That's Singapore in 2012! *yes *facepalm
Credits: MU
In RAINBOWS, it's head bang time! First time head bang like there is no tomorrow! If I not remember wrong, guitarists and bassist switch sides! Super hyped up! 

I recalled there was also super great fan service... I forgot when it happened, maybe not in Rainbows but...
WTF! AHHHHHHHHH!!! I was so happy LOL 
*slapself* Calmdown!

I have not heard other places in tour they kissed on lips, mostly I read about is cheek or forehead.
OMG! ALICE NINE daisuki!!!

You guys like Malaysia, right? 

Other fan services were Shou x Tora, Shou x Saga, Tora x Saga and the usual Shou x Hiroto skinships.
Shou x Tora was where they share same mic in Rainbow "HOOO!" part ^^

In SEVEN, we start twirl our towels yo! By this time I was a bit tired. Such a old lady -.-
But seeing all so hyped up, I can't stop. You can't be helped, the music doesn't allow you to stop!

Next is.. my favourite! ハイカラなる舞曲

This is where we start screaming all member's name individually, it's same throughout Alice Nine's live in years! (I not sure I am a fan or illegal stalker LOL) After screaming all names when Shou pointing them and himself...
Saga's solo part! kyaaaaaaa~ 
I screamed like hell! Here, I remember a scene where he throw his bass picks behind him and then start soloing in front:
Credits: Mega Ultimate (MU)
That time I was like, hey.. why not throw your picks down here? LOL fan girl fantasy... -.-

Hey, when Saga start to solo, he always lick his bass right?! RIGHT?! But it's been few years since he licked his bass, perhaps due to his mom's request? LOL. 
But he seems saw our SAGA, LICK YOUR BASS!
He did lick it! 
Of course it is not the long usual lick, he somehow kissed his bass and stick out his tongue touch his bass a bit. When he did that, of course we all screamed like hell! LOL.

But he stopped after that "1 second lick", then looked at us smiling, SO DAMN TEASING FACE he did up there! He was looking at us "SAGA fans" direction, because the LICK YOUR BASS words are just in front of us. Yup, when we wrote it we purposely write it at Saga's side, easily for him to see.

The way he tease us was like:
you guys like this right? 
OMG *fainted*
Freaking dream come true! I received news he did not did that on other lives, ONLY IN MALAYSIA
Or is it? 
Leave a comment below if he did at other lives too!

If not mistaken Tora also have his solo here, I don't know Hiroto's solo was when, I think I skipped it T_T
Tora's solo was so awesome!! And he kissed his guitar many times throughout the live! His solo guitar ends with him knelled on his knee. ARGH! All are so hyped up when he did that. Of course he was facing towards the fan, the wind kept on blowing his hair when he did that. YES, so PV-ish, so kakkoii! So is NAO's solo! Drum skill level 99! And he spins his drumstick a lot throughout the live! *claps* You are amazing NAO!
Oh yeah HIROTO splash fans with his drinking water! Some of friends on another side treat it as holy water yo!

During the MC time, Saga take off his black suit. *___* saga-sama........
Credits: MU
Shou gave simple introduction and asking us apa khabar (how are you in Malay)? He said that its their first time in Malaysia, and ask us are we waiting for them? (that is all I remember)

This moment I was try using my Japanese skill. I only understand simple Japanese, thanks to the years of anime, the situation there was like listening Shou talking without subtitles! LOL. Glad to understand what he said! kyaaaaa~

Then they proceed to 華 (Hana), GOD MAN its HANA! A9 channel's theme song LOL.
Of course Shou lead us to cheer all along, we always hyped up, Shou was good to hype us up! Clap clap, HOI HOI, and of course, HEAD BANG!

Next is KID! Sadly, no ring -.- But we replaced it using the lightstick, thanks again to PSC for the shortage of merchandise -.- Nevertheless, KID is such a great song! Enjoyed it so much!
Credits: MU
After that was 九龍-NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW-, HEY ITS 九龍 MAN!! I head bang like there is not tomorrow! HEAD BANG TILL SO HARD! In first row mostly are females as you see... 

(Oh yeah, did I mention most of first row-ers are our own people? LOL. Our job is tying the 6 metre cloth banner on the barrier, the picture below the cloth banner was gone. WHERE IS IT?)
Credits: MU
Imagine whole front row head bang, all in super hyper sadako-mode, there was even a video captured us headbanging *facepalm* luckily it mainly shot on the media side (Hiroto side). The media and security guard was so freaked out. LOL. Their looks were all like O.O :

"Whatt...! before the live fans are so normal and soft, BUT WHAT THE FCK IS THIS?! Will their necks OK?"

I was head bang so hardly together with Alice Nine. Sometimes Saga didn't really head bang when Shou did, busy with bass LOL. So I was feel kinda embarrassed to flip hair like sadako in front of Saga, my bias. Who wants their bias to see one of your most scary face in your lifetime huh?

But WHO CARES? I have a plan:
Before Saga looked up I just combed my messy hair with my fingers, so he can't see my sadako face, yeah, that's the trick!
Or not...
There was one moment I was sooooo enjoy head bang myself, after that I noticed Saga looked up far longer before I do, that time I was like HOLY SHIT I CAN'T LET SAGA SEE MY SADAKO MODE, so I quickly comb my hair back to normal, while looking at Saga checking whether or not he was watching... HE WAS WATCHING. *bang wall x100*


He SMILED when I made my awkward face. kyaaaaa~
*complications of emotions!*
*falling in love*

Should I be happy he looked at me smiling or should I be embarrassed he saw my ugliest state?
Well, I chosed to look at the bright side ^^v

Next is MC time again, yeah. I again scream names of Alice Nine LOL. I saw other videos of the live, my voice and other Saga's super fans kept on screaming: SAGA! SAGA-san! SAGA-sama! OMFG we are loud! Shou even asked us questions on different languages, English, Malay and Chinese, he said we are clever! LOL. Shou, you are clever too! You spoke 3 languages too ^^

Next few songs メビウス, shooting star, Daybreak. Of course the music are more relaxed, light and cheery. But we still hyped up, fan services everywhere, close skin-ships between members, if you were there you will witness my shiawase face, my hangfuk face!

After that was MC time again. I forgotten what he said during this MC time. (not really significant i guess)

Coming songs are ブループラネット (Blue Planet), TSUBASA., 閃光 (Senkou), 開戦前夜 (Kaisen zenya).. 開戦前夜! Another hyped song!

During KaisenZenya Shou was so HYPED up and he
jumped off the stage! OMFG!

That moment I was like: shit I should be with Michelle! LOL.

Michelle, Ron and Wisely touched and pinched Shou face and hugged and shake-hand like piranhas LOLOL, I have great angle and super full view of what they are doing to Shou from where I stand. Jello!!

Most ridiculous was the security guard jumped and rush towards them and start blocking, but HERLO? Shou doesn't even wanted to leave! His face wrote the words I'm enjoying LOL. Guess its true Alice Nine like fan boys xD Ron and Wisely the contributors!
After that we noticed Shou did not step down from stage in Singapore, Seoul or Hong Kong. Maybe, there were no stairs from the stage? Or Shou just love us. LOL
After Shou was happily done being touched, he walked back to stage. WOOO! Mega fan-service again!

When they done 開戦前夜, Nao throw his drumstick to the audience, so is Tora and Hiroto throwing their picks. Shou kept on saying Thank You while along with others leaving the stage. Well, it's not end yet! There is an encore! =D


All of them changed their clothes except for Saga with his sexy outfit. LOL. Hiroto and Nao each took camera and handphones come out to film us and themselves! They take turns to grab the camera! Tora started to carry his cute tiger bag, with Saga filming... Shou kept on saying thank you all the way, so polite!

Actually there were 2 banners right? The smaller one we plan to throw to stage, and longer one plan to tie on the barrier for them to see the messages, eg, SAGA LICK YOUR BASS *ok enough*
This time Wisely try to throw the smaller banner up, and yeah! Saga gave him eye contact and green light for Wisely to pass to him, but stage is quite far from where we are standing, when Wisely threw it to Saga it failed, it fell to the floor. Another ridiculous thing the security guard did was he picked it up and handed back to Wisely *facepalm*

In the end Saga walk down stage to take it from Wisely *claps* This is the one:
Credits: MU
Nao was hiding behind the banner, NAO why!? We keep yelling Nao for that LOL.

After that Shou walked down the stage again! Signalling us he gonna take the long cloth banner. *kyaaaaaa
That time I was so damn efficient and fast to untie the banner at one end with Hsu Lyn, another end was untied by, I guess, Michelle there? Not sure. We acted so fast and passed it to Shou OMFG. Yet another close contact when passing the banner to Shou!

Before posing for taking picture with the banner, they already started to play with the banner LOL! It happened when they have trouble to making the banner facing towards the camera properly, so Saga just gave up the tangled banner and rolled Shou with it, so cute! Hiroto then join the club, he rolled himself with Shou!
Credits: Newskaki
After done playing, they start taking photos with the lonnnnggg cloth banner (Nao was missing again) -.-
Here's the one, you see SAGA, LICK YOUR BASS so clearly right? *evil laughs*
Credits: MU
After taking photos, they started to play again! You see Saga holding Hiroto's side and Hiroto holding another side, we screamed from below in Japanese said it's the opposite! Just my guess, JUST MY GUESS. I guess Saga and Hiroto walked towards each other to exchanged positions? But instead, they playfully start playing again! This time Saga is the victim LOL
Credits: an instagramer
Credits: MU
Saga then treat it as a scarf! He do like our banner! If not mistaken he even asked: "Nice?" ^^


Things get more fun when Shou tell us each member has message for us.

This happened when Shou cued SAGA, the situation briefly like this:

Shou cued Saga: On BASS!
Saga: You guys don't know my name, is it? (witty Saga! LOL) 
(of course we all screamed "SAGA" like hell)

But here is the fun part...

Saga: My name is Saga, from Japan...
Shou: Saga in Japanese means...
Saga: hai..?
Shou: SEX (bwahahahahahahahahah!)
Saga: *laughs* NO!! I am Japanese... Japanese rockstar! 
Shou: Saga means rockstar! Yeah!
Saga: Hakuna matata! Sangkyu! (Lion King? That time I was confused, I thought is Japanese LOL)

Next is TORA!
Tora was so hawt like always. He said he was shocked and happy. First time came to Malaysia and thanks for waiting for Alice Nine! He promised they will come back, zettai! And ask us not to forget Alice Nine. (Nonsense! Of course we won't!)
Shou even promised us with his pinky finger, yakusoku!

NAO! He kept on said Malaysia is hot! Atsuine! And repeatly saying: Saya Nao! (I am Nao in Malay)

HIROTO! He keep us screaming the whole time LOL. Why? He was teasing us! Asked us: 
Everyone, you have been waiting? 
Ehh.. Not waiting?? 
(louder YES)
Been waiting?? 

He also mention he won't forget each and everyone's faces today!

Lastly was SHOU. Besides kept saying thank you, he got mentioned they been to Indonesia and knew that many places in Asia was waiting for them, so they arrange this Asia Tour. They honestly very happy they came to Malaysia!


After the long interaction with us, they then start playing 春夏秋冬 and the beautiful name. Yet another two beautiful memorable song. Tora even carrying his tiger bag on his back back-facing us and shake his ass while playing guitar! Kawaii ne
Credits: MU
The live really ended after the beautiful name. It's kinda sad but I was having fun! Tora and Hiroto each threw guitar picks to fans and so is Nao threw his drumsticks again. Saga threw towels to fans! But sadly I can't get any. But funny thing is Michelle, Ron and Wisely got the towel! JELLO again! LOL. They then decided to divide the one towel become 3 mini towel! Just like Taeyang's jacket incident in Malaysia Big Bang Alive Tour! LMAO.

When other members walked inside, left Saga on stage, he gave a small speech. I guess he do love us, huh? I not sure he did that on other places, but to me it was very special for Saga to be the last one to leave the stage, usually it was Shou, right? Idk.

Again I only understand simple Japanese, but after asking Selene, who far more fluent than Japanese than me, my Japanese understanding was not bad! LOL.

Saga basically mentioned this before leaving the stage:
It was fun! First time we came to Malaysia. We definitely come back! Please wait for us! ARIGATO!

While he was talking, I was busying showing ♥ shape to Saga with my hands. 
I know it was so AKB48 or Kpop fan girl style, I know! But it is inappropriate for me to scream his name and interrupt him when he was talking right? 

Guess what?
He saw my ♥ and he nodded to me. 
*starstruck lvl 99*

Photo shooting with Alice Nine

After yelling and screaming with highness when exiting the venue, we lined up again to take photo with Alice Nine! YES! 
Individual only! 
VIP ticket holders able to have individual photo session with them and a signed poster. PRECIOUS MOMENTS!
I won't upload the picture of us taking photo together, PSC haven't have clearance on the photos yet. But it still my Facebook profile picture yo! Mega Ultimate kinda slipped it off before confirmation from PSC.

We all frontliners plan to queue up as behind as we can. First, we are tired, second we plan to ask Alice Nine sign something during the photosession. Of course, we failed. The security guard doesn't allow us to take any stuff in.

Let's recall what happened there, shall we?

The arrangement was like this, one person (B) will step in the room while the another one who is in front of the queue (A) is going to take photo.
When I first step into the room, Candace was on her way to sit down for phototaking. YES, SIT!
The arrangement was like:
Standing: Tora, Nao, Saga
Sitting: Shou, FAN, Hiroto

My very own first instinct was like: family portrait? I'm the grandmom, Shou and Hiroto are my sons and my grandchildren are Tora, Nao and Saga? LOLOLOL! *slapself* Just joking!

My very own first reaction was I gasped so so so hard that every Alice Nine member was looking at me when I stepped inside the room. I was so shocked I get to sit beside Shou and Hiroto, ok? It was like a BONUS lol! Although Saga was standing far behind me. I still happy enough to be close contact with them!

I was planned to interact with them a bit, so I need to calm down!! After Candace is done, it is my turn!

I walked and politely bowed to them, saying: konbanwa
They too replied konbanwa but I only manage to seeing Hiroto reply, because I was sitting down LOL. Others I was so shy to look! But I obviously heard Shou and Tora's voice, they are so easily recognised! After taking 2 photos, I stood up and bow again, saying: arigato gozaimasu. Bye bye!, they all too bowed and reply me the same word.

This time I was fully focus on Saga, LOL I feel so bad to other 4 members... 
After I bowed, I kept on looking on Saga's eyes and waving while saying bye bye, Saga smiled and waving back to me. I don't know whether other members got wave to me or not, I just heard their voices LOL. My eyes on Saga only! The eye contact was like more than 3 seconds. HAHAHAH. *blush*

I noticed Saga took off his blue contacts and he have some painkiller patch on his shoulder. 
It's kinda sad and it's very tiring for them. 
Before 28th they were in Singapore, they didn't even rest and straight come to Malaysia and performed live on 29th! 
So I won't stay long to talk to them, I guess they want to end these session quickly so that they can rest! But my only regret was I forgot to wish Shou and Saga Happy Birthday!! ARGH.. well... nevermind... because I am far more lucky compared to other Number Sixes out there /.\

Here are my autographed poster and the merchandise, again. No designed t-shirt is such a waste! PSC! YOU!!!! No next time, huh!

Personally feelings post-live...

After that are post-live syndrome, neck cramps, leg cramps and hand cramps. I still got an important exam on 3rd of July! Holy! I can't study at all as music keep on playing in my ears. And I keep on recalling what had happened in the live. Luckily my exam paper is ok. LOL.

That's why I post this blog. A memory worth to remember. 8 years of waiting for Alice Nine, and here they are. Next time they coming again, I will go again for sure! It's fun! The atmosphere is totally different, drums and amps are awesomes, and of course see them perform is such hyped up! Well, I should say, since I was young, attending concerts and live are my biggest thing to make myself happy!

And of course, meeting new friends with same interests are great! Same to Number Sixes and same to Shinhwa changjos, when will Shinhwa, the GazettE come ei? Alice Nine and Backstreet Boys are checked!


It's been a while...

It's been a while...
I was so busy with my life, even forgotten I have this blog.
Time flies... Everything doesn't remain the same as before.
Previously, I was naive...  Now I am better? Perhaps.
These years, my thinking was changed, especially when I moved to KL to pursue my studies.
I was sociable back then (i think). I feel uneasy when I moved here, no connections with whosoever, and feel so tiny in such a big campus, I merely felt any sense of existence. Oh my gosh.
It's tough..? I guess so. But time really flush things away. Few months later, I feel... nothing.. Everything's ok, but its not in the same place as before. Well, we just keep on moving right?
We faced up and downs in life, and when we try turn our down to ups, we will never back to the same place, might be same level, but different coordinates.
What is blogging for? It reminds us who were we, where we shift our present to become our past.



LOL. im back. i think...

Yoyo. Im back. Sorry for the no news on blog thingy. College life is wueyyyy too busy. I SWEAR!
And why Im writing now? Because, now is my semester break! XD

Btw, guess what. From now on, I will be wearing make-up!
Yeah. yeah. Unbelievable. SUN YON's gonna do that freaky thing?!
The answer:
(I've been Michelle Phan and Wendy's fan for a long time! I just dont take actions. LOL)
I will change myself (outlook) as much as I can this year; it's my new year resolution!
(Because I gonna lie to strangers that Im a SHUBUN gal. Ohming! *slap self*)

Honestly, Michelle Phan changed me MUCH! I had started to take care of my skin after watched her tutorial. (fyi, I never use moisturizer during high school, no wonder I look so chan back then.) So, I now know how to take care of our face more than anyone else do!

Kay, back to the topic. MAKE-UP.
LOL. Don't drop your jaws folks. I not saying that I gonna apply fake eyelashes, put on concealer, eyeshadow, highlighter and bla bla bla on my face everyday! SIAO MEH. Im so damn lazy in clearing the chemicals out of my face. I dont want everyone look at me like a whore, I also don't want to own frinkles early! Anilgoya! LOL!

But, this is CRUCIAL for me now.
Yup. THAT.
My friends always know that I doesn't have much eyebrow; and thats a huge problem. Did you guys notice that most of the good looking folks have full eyebrow?
Like what Michelle Phan said: Eyebrow is like a picture frame, it frame your face.
Guess what? IT IS TRUE. I tried it. BIG DIFFERENCE LA WEI.
I bought this at Sasa @ Gurney Plaza, the brand: Cyber Colors. Not cheap you know! But since I will use it on my face, QUALITY come first.

I bought 02 Dark Brown, not black, or not it will be Crayon Shin Chan no. 2. LOL.
For gals who have dark hairs, wear two shades lighter than your hair color.
As for gals who have blonde hairs, wear two to three shades darker than your hair color.
That is what Michelle Phan says.
(Honestly, I watched more skincare than her makeup tutorials)
Oh yea. This is a 3 in 1 eyebrow pen, there's a pen, a brush and a sharpener. Plus, you can buy a refill only if you finished your pen!That's my future make-up partner. LOL.

How about my face? Concealer, foundation, blusher, bronzer or highligher?
Blah, I only apply sunblock SPF 50+ on my face. LOL.
(ps: UV rays aged your skin quick like hell! And make it dark too of course -____-)

How about my eyes? Eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes or color contacts?
Blah, next few years later.

How about my lips? Lip gloss, lip stick or lip balm?
Blah, I will wipe it out in seconds. LOL.

That's for all now.
Good luck (Michelle Phan)
TEEHEE (nigahiga)


Happy 041010 =]

I foresee in this...
my handphone will ring several times at the stroke of midnight...

xoxo x]


feel so SANG ==''


OMG... anilgoya...


Time to change. I bought new handphone!

I had being used my old handphone for years.
My friends had changed theirs for several times already but I still using my same old Nokia 3120 till now, time to change; I bought a new one! Nokia X2-00.
Yeah, it may not be a great handphone for some individual, but it already statisfy me.
Plus, Mr. Neoh bought the same handphone with me (Yesh, his handphone also ki qia liao). HAHAHA.
OK larh hor? I still explore tiao it. LMAO


First hang out after Final

CHEERS! TARC's first sem was officially OVER. HAHA.
Now I so damn nothing to do; but anyway, I will appreciate this holiday, or not I gonna wait for another 3-4months for another sem break. Urghh..

Yesterday directly after our last final exam, we straight head off to Gurney Plaza. WOW, I missed there so much. LOL. It's like I haven't been there for decades! HAHA. Just joking. This time it was sort of reunion of 8 of us (Yin Yee ABSENT). Nee tried so hard to pull all of us out. HAHA. Well, she done it =.=

We lepak at Nando's and Coffee Bean. We chat, and there's alot of conversation and topics. Although I'm a listener thoughout the whole process, I can't TAHAN you know, two person talk different topics at the same time. So tough to choose what to hear; SMS with him also kena 'sour'. LOL.Lilian sudah balik rumah, so she missed this. AND Lilian, please, CUT YOUR HAIR! x]